It started with a simple comment. "What about a jar?"

There was a delivery order with a slice of cake. Though we placed it in our to-go container with care, we knew it would never arrive to its destination with the same presentation. Invariably, packaging shifts in transit and soon all that icing decoration gets smushed.

We were talking about options to preserve the presentation and taste of our desserts, and then we realized the solution. It wasn't the dessert - it was the container! And thus, JARS was born.

Visionary Top Chef Fabio Viviani crafted JARS with your whole family in mind. This place is built on a shared passion for creativity, buzz, quality… and obviously incredible desserts. Fabio combined his favorite desserts, the most creative presentation imaginable, and his unique ability to create IG-worthy treats. 

JARS is an exciting experience, featuring decadence from all over the world. Fan favorites include ridiculous chocolate chip cookies, creamy cheesecake, fresh apple pie, Southern peach cobbler and the insane "Gooey Butter Cake", just to name a few.

Along with fan favorites, JARS also offers a rotating seasonal menu. Check back weekly to see if what made the list.

Join the revolution in desserts. We look forward to creating some delicious memories… one JAR at a time!!

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